Benefits of Using a Self-Inking Stamp

A self-inking stamp is a type of rubber stamp that re-inks itself after each stamp. Unlike a pre-inked stamp which has ink integrated into the stamp, a self-inking stamp separates the text plate from the ink pad creating a clear impression as only the required ink is absorbed by the textplate. This self-inking technology definitely has a few benefits that will convince you to pick this stamp over other types of rubber stamps available in the market.



Benefit 1: Exchangeable stamp pad

A separate textplate from the stamp pad means you can replace your stamp pad when it is damaged or dry. Unlike pre-inked stamps which already have the ink mounted on the textplate, you can easily swap the stamp pad with a new spare pad at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole stamp!

Benefit 2: Date and numbering feature

As the self-inking stamp is separated from the ink pad, it is possible to modify the textplate into a band system where the stamp can be made into an interchangeable date or numbering system. Thus, creating the date stamps and numbering stamp models.

Benefit 3: A cleaner and neater office table 

By eliminating traditional rubber stamps and a stamp pad, you will find yourself having a less messy desk. Using a traditional rubber stamp may cause ink residues to stain the table after stamping as the rubber stamp is not covered after usage. With a self-inking stamp, the textplate is covered after usage which reduces the chances of the table getting stained and creating a mess.

These are some of the benefits of using a self-inking stamp for your office! COLOP offers a wide range of self-inking stamps that meet most office needs. Custom-made stamps like company address stamps, company round stamps, date stamps, and more with us! Click the link below to shop now!


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