How to Refill Ink on AE Gel Stamp

A E Gel Stamp is a type of pre-inked stamp that creates a crisp and clear imprint. To maintain a print-like imprint, it is crucial to not let your A E Gel Stamp impression get too light before refilling again. A dry gel stamp will cause the gel to shrink and affect the overall impression quality. Just follow the steps below to ensure that your stamp is well-maintained. 

Step 1: Use 3M Scotch Tape for cleaning and ensuring that the surface of the stamp is clean and clear of dust or particles

Step 2: Apply AE refill ink over raised letters and let it sit overnight covered in an upright position. Remove any excess ink before usage

Remove excess ink by stamping on a piece of scrap paper. With these 2 steps, you have properly maintained your A E Gel Stamp! Want a full video tutorial on how to refill your AE Gel Stamps? Click here to view the video guide!
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