How to Refill Ink on COLOP Self-Inking Stamp

Have you noticed that your stamp impression is getting lighter and lighter? It probably means that the ink on your stamp is running dry and a sign that it is time for a refill. Here are a few steps to refilling COLOP self-inking stamps. 

Step 1: Push down the stamp slightly, lock the stamp with the buttons on the side and remove the stamp pad



Step 2: Reink the pad by applying 3-5 drops of ink


Step 3: Reinsert the stamp pad and happy stamping! 


And there you have it! With just these few steps, your impressions will be as beautiful as it was when you just bought it! 

*PS: It is crucial that you only use the right ink for each product as different ink may permanently damage your stamp. 

You can purchase our range of COLOP Refill Ink or Neon ink in the pictures below!




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