Which Sealing Wax is Right For You?

What is Sealing Wax?

Sealing wax is a wax substance that hardens fast after melting, forming a bond that is difficult to break without visible tampering used to seal letters, envelopes, and documents. It adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to correspondence while bearing the sender's identity. In the past, sealing wax was primarily used to ensure the privacy and security of the contents. Today, it has become a popular choice for crafters, artists, and those who appreciate the art of handwritten letters.

Types of Sealing Wax

There are several types of sealing wax available in the market. Each type has its own unique characteristics and advantages. Let's explore the most common types:

Wick Wax Stick | Sealing Wax | AE Stamp Singapore

1. Wick Wax Stick

Wick wax stick is a beginner's choice for those who want a hassle-free sealing experience. It comes in the form of a wax stick with a wick at the end. All you need to do is light the wick, let the wax melt onto your desired surface before sealing it with your wax seal stamp.


  • Convenient to use
  • Only need a lighter or matches
  • Quick drying


  • May produce soot or smoke when melting
  • Less precise, need to estimate the wax amount
  • Time-consuming due to slower melting time

[ TIPS ] Hold the wax stick horizontally and slowly rotate it while melting to ensure that the wax drips evenly onto the surface. We recommend using this wax stick for only one or two wax seal creations (due to the time consumption). 

Wax Beads | Sealing Wax | AE Stamp Singapore

2. Wax Beads

Wax beads are the bead form of sealing wax, which requires a sealing wax spoon and a tea light candle to melt the wax. 2 beads are enough to create one seal with a 23mm stamp size; whereas, 3 beads for a 28mm stamp size seal. This sealing wax is an excellent and less messy way to create the trending wax marbling.


  • Less messy and easy to use
  • Able to combine colors for a marbling effect
  • Perfect wax amount for sealing with less wastage


  • Flames may burn the bottom of the spoon
  • Wax melting might take some time (depending on the number of wax beads)

[ TIPS ] Keep the spoon slightly above the flames (not directly on the flames) to avoid scorching the spoon's bottom. This method gives you more control over the wax temperature for a perfect seal. 

Round Wax Stick | Sealing Wax | AE Stamp Singapore

3. Round Wax Stick

Round wax stick, also known as glue gun wax stick, is a modern alternative to sealing wax. This round wax stick simply requires a low-heat glue gun which efficiently shortens the time required to create a wax seal, ideal for mass production. Just load one round wax stick into the hot glue gun then lightly squeeze the trigger to release melted wax onto the craft surface before sealing.     


  • Quick and mess-free 
  • Only need a low-heat glue gun
  • Ideal for mass-producing wax seals in a short time


  • Hard to interchange wax color using the same glue gun
  • Higher cost due to glue gun tool purchase

[ TIPS ] Turn the glue gun on and off to maintain the wax temperature. We recommend using the same color for 1 glue gun as it is hard to interchange wax colors (using only 1 glue gun). 


Choosing the right type of sealing wax depends on your personal preferences as it will affect the wax melting process and the tools needed. Consider the pros and cons of each type of sealing wax before making your decision. Which sealing wax is superior is a question that cannot be answered with certainty as some prefer one over the other, but ultimately, it comes down to what works for you.

We hope you find this blog post useful~

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